Sunday, February 6, 2011

How To Smokey Eye

To achieve my smokey eye look first we all know by know to make sure to 1. cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face as usual. I have been using ANew Clinical Lift & Pro serum before its too late. Its a dual-formula serum containing injectable grade ingredients which has dramatic lifting power.  The most important thing my late Mumum always told was to make sure you take the time now and find a skin care regimen so that way when your time does come to get wrinkles and lines, they wont be half as bad.2. Then go ahead and apply a primer (I use L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base... I know, im a cheater)
Then I used is Mark. Good Riddance Hook-Up Concealor (color: Fair/Light). Apply to any blemishes and also around the nose, around the eyes, and on both sides of lips. Blend.
4. Next I took my new Healthy Make Up Mousse Foundation (color: light beige) Start the the center of your face. and blend outwards and up until your whole face covered.
5. Then a used Avon's Pressed Powder (color: Light). Apply just as you did your foundation. Dont apply too much- just enough is key. The more powder, the more weighed downed your face is gunna look and feel. The pressed powder is gunna set your face.
6. Blush: I use Mark. Just Pinched (color: Peachy). Its a cream blush which I highly recommend. It stays on longer and it's easier to work with. So Smile, Apply to apples of cheeks and using your fingers blend upwards past your eyes.
7. Alternative: Bronzer. To Apply Bronzer you want to start underneath your eyes and blend around past your brows on to your forehead. Think of making a "C" shape
8. Now with a kabuki or blush brush take your Smooth Minerals Transparent Glow. Swirl, Tap, & Apply. Agian starting in the middle of your face blending up and out.
9. Now do your brows. Tip: If you have blonde hair use a color 3 shades darker than your hair color & if you have brown hair use a color 3 shades lighter than your hair color. Use the 3 points method to find where your brows begin, arch, & end. Take your pencil and line it up from the outter edge of your nostril to your tear duct and then finally to your brow. That's where your brow will start. Then take the same pencil line it up with the edge of your nose to your outter edge of your iris and that is where your eye brow arch should be. Finally line the pencil up with your nostril and the edge of your eye. That's where your brow will end. Very fast direction on my part, but should'nt be on yours. Your brows are the most important place on your face, (in my opinion) they create a frame. Take your time and "google" it if your not sure exactly how to achieve your perfect brows. Another tip: your brows are sisters NOT twins so they don't have to be identical!
10. Prime your eyes. I useMark. Please Hold Eye Primer (color: light to medium.)The primer creates a "glue" to keep your makeup lasting throughout the day. Or you can also take a cream shadow (like L'Oreal) using a nude or yellow color and rub between your fingers then apply on to lids & that will achieve the same thing the primer does..
11. Highlight your attributes. I used Smooth Minerals Eyeshadow Pencil in color:Limestone to highlight underneath brows, around tear ducts and on cupids bow. Any highlighter will work tho.
12. On to the smokey eye! Using Mark. Flip 4 It Color Kit London color: London Bridge (silvery blue color) apply to your lids and below the brow. Blend
13. Flip 4 It Color Kit Urban Neutrals color: Sky Line (dark matte brown) apply to the outer corners of your lids making sure not to get brown in the middle of lid. (think of a crescent moon shape) Blend (making your way towards your nose) in your crease. Once both of the colors are applied blend. Blending is very important. U shouldnt be able to tell where each color begins and ends. Hence the name "smokey" eye.
14. Using Mark. Eye Shadow in color: corset (black) dab the color on to your outer corner of eyes over top the dark brown. Dont forget to blend!
15. With a angled liner brush use Corset and Skyline and apply around the outer lower edge of you eyes.
16. Using Keep It Going Long Wear Liner/shadow in color: Entourage use the white color and apply that in the inner corner of your eyes. (near tear ducts)
17. With the same color, blend to your  brow bone.
18. To line your upper eye, take the black gel liner from the Keep It Going Long Wear Liner/Shadow color: Entourage using your angled liner brush start in the middle of your lid and move outwards and upwards and then trace it once over.
19. Tight Line using Glimmer Sticks Blackest Black Liner from Avon. Apply to water line as well.
20. Curl lashes and Apply Mascara. I use Avon's Super Full Mascara in Color: Black   

Ok I hope this helps whoever wanders over to MeetMakeUp! Good Luck Babes! (this top pic...dosent even look like me..weird angle but what-ev's it serves it purpose

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