Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Thoughts #1

#1 Las Vegas (these are in no particular order)

Me When I Lived In Vegas- '07
A few years back I lived in Las Vegas & im from Ohio so its clear across the country. I went to International Academy of Design & Technology and thats when i worked at Victoria's Secret and I also worked at Sheri's Caberet. As my first experience leaving home, this is one of my Happy Thoughts. Its a serious land mine of opportunity and inspiration for art & design- Its more than drinking and gambling. With a true obvious bizarre side. I think I actually gambled maybe twice while I was there. Its a place where Dancers are not called strippers, they are taken seriously. A place where anything you could possibly want to do is achievable (as long as you want it bad enough) & the 2nd to the best thing... Sun. Im a sunny-side up type of girl. Now for a drum roll please! - The view is to DIE for. You havent been to Vegas if you have never left Las Vegas Blvd. If you visit, make a trip anywhere 10 minutes out. Henderson is the closest place and it is worth it! *Wait until sunset or night time. Your gunna be happy you did (:

A Pic. My Room-Mate Took One Night

 I remember we were doing this thing at school one day and the question we were supposed to answer was "when you picture Serenity, what do you think of?" I alot of people said at home, or with family & i mentioned one night I coming home from a friends house (when i was in Nevada) at 6 in the morning, driving away from the moon which set perfectly on top of the mountains. I didnt have a camera which i regret because in my rear-view mirror, in broad day-light, that was the picture...esque. I remember thinking i was going to remember that forever and i did. I wish i had it to share!
The way i like to describe Vegas at night, is imagine a bowl of lights and the mountains as the bowl
You see the mountain off in the distance on the left? isnt it beautiful?!

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