Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Wish List

 Note to readers: This is strictly a wish-list, with other people's opinion's. Once I buy these and use these items, I will give my own opinion. Also if anybody can give me any advice or have found a great duplicate of the products/items I have on this list, please Comment! thanx! P.S. is this font ok?? can we all read it easily? On to My wish list!

One of the things for this spring I want the most is definitely the Olay Advanced Cleaning System. I have always been big on how beauty is natural and makeup or nice clothes don't make you beautiful. so, I feel this is one of the more important product/items on my wish list. You need to take care of your skin! I dont have the money for the Clarisonic, I wish I did trust me. But i've been reading the many reviews (Olay vs. Clarisonic) and what i've pretty much been finding is the big con on why the Clarisonic is better is because it is water-proof, Olay is only water resistant. I mean you get what you pay for with electronics, and most of the time (not all of the time) with beauty products as well. At that the Olay is only like $30 while the Clarisonic is around $200. With a couple more difference's but alot of the reviews i've been reading are about how people have used them and they felt the same level of cleanliness with each item. But I do want to find out what each of the cleaning-machine's come with as far as cleanser's go. If anybody know's please comment below or if anybody has one of these 2 item's please comment below as well.

Next item for me...I know, I know! call me a late bloomer! but ive been really want to check out those Pearl lipsticks and I couldn't remember which make-up brand was advertising them and when I went to find out online which one, I guess CoverGirl, Maybeline,& Revlon have all caught on to this "pearl-tastic" trend. Ive have always bought the Soft Lip's balm and you always get a tinted lip balm with the regular lip balm. I have the two colors Sweet and Shell Pink but I first got hooked on these a couple years ago and my first color was Pearl and I still look for those to this day. I love that sheer, nude/pale, pastel color. (which ive been seeing every color of the pastel rainbow on the menu for spring!)  I always give the reg. lip balm to my b/f. So happy and exited to try these type of colors in stick form. MAC is also coming out with a limited edition lip-stick line called Sheer-Jeanius for this spring. They are so clever aren't they? Below are the Maybelline ColorSensational Pearl Lipsticks

Revlon Colorstay- I seen a "best drugstore foundation" review on it and I have always gone with the mousse foundation...well for years seriously. Its just not doing it for me anymore honestly, I haven't been getting full coverage with it so im gunna go for a liquid foundation. It is supposed to give's you full coverage (which is a must for myself) plus it is around $10 PLUS if im not mistaken, they are haveing a BOGO half off going on at Rite-Aid for Revlon. Perfect opportunity! (hey guys, I bought this and i will tell you what I think!

Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush & Bronzer! I want it so bad! It looks so pretty!
I guess it smells good and is supposed to be a mood booster, I just want it bc it's so pretty, I will be purchasing this one soon bc this too is BOGO half off at Rite-Aid (w/ your rewards card) So a review is in the makin for this one too. Aren't they pur-tty?!

NARS Turkish Delight- Kim K wears it and it looks "gorge" (as she would say) I guess a good dupe for this would be Victoria Secrets Innocent but I have been wanting this Gloss for over a year now so I do hope I can get! It's just that perfect nude/pinkish color. I guess the VS Innocent isnt as "white" and that's what I really like about the Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight


Garnier Fructise Roller Ball- I hear this is a great product, hope to try this soon!!

if anybody does have any of these, please tell me what they think!!
Thanx For Reading!!!


for the love of beauty by lara said...

great post

iv never tried VS cosmetics before but heard gud things!

powder paint n pout! said...

That blush is soooo cute! xxx

Erica J said...

Lara- Yeah I used to work at VS & they would make me play with all the makeup- that was my job for the first few weeks! and I have loved their make-up and all that ever since. It's fairly priced- somewhere in the middle of NARS & Revlon but the money is worth it.

PP&P- I want it soo bad!!! lol

thanx for reading too guys

Dale said...

I have the Clarisonic face scrubber thing and I really like it. I use it like 3 times a week and I've heard this Olay one is just as good. I love Nars lip gloss too but I feel like it's goes bad after a month. Thanks for checking out my blog too.

Erica J said...

oh great thanx for the heads-up Dale! Too bad about the gloss ): Im really looking forward to it tho! but now i know use quickly which is great for me! Thanx for justifying me using me it all day long! haha

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