Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: Freeman's Detoxifying Facial Chocolate Strawberry Mask

This is the Freeman's Deep Pore Cleansing Detoxifying Chocolate Strawberry Facial Mask. Wow long name...I got at CVS for like $1.50. There is more than enough for one application. There is certainly not enough for 2 applications, but I did have some left over. My skin type is acne prone, mostly oily, sometimes dry so I do have a tough time finding skin product's that do work.

Over all I give this a 4/5. Let me just start on the good points:
-First off I love chocolate so this smelled good enough to eat I thought. It does have a strong scent. If you dont like chocolate &/or have a sensitive nose then maybe this mask isn't for you. If you can get past all of that though, it's quite nice.

-It goes on just like any other face mask: once it hardens your face becomes tight and then you rinse it off with warm water. Some masks are a mother to get off of my face, so I liked this one in the respect I didn't have to do a number on my skin.

-As soon as it was off of my face, I felt an immediate difference. My skin felt very fresh, almost light-weight. It did do as it promised for the most part with the detoxifying aspect but that is why I gave it a 4 because I did say for the most part...

-I didn't have huge red pimples when I used this, but I always do have white heads and black heads. I do pop white and black heads, not the red ones. You know when you get a facial and they do an extraction? That's the professional word for popping white & black heads. What ever the mask didn't extract out of my face I found it extremely easy to get the rest of the job done. It really did bring all of that gunk (sorry to be gross) to the surface of my skin.

I wont explain how to extract, just google it if you must but I will say this: Always prep your face (this mask is a great way, or even steam) to bring all of the dirt to the surface, and put tissue in between your finger tips and your skin to prevent breaking your skin open.

Will I be buying this again? Not for a while just because I do want to try other masks from this line, but I definitely will some time again in my life. I didn't give it a 5/5 just because I was expecting some sort of miracle I guess in the respect that I did have to do some of work. But I think it is a great mask regardless.

As my first official review, I wanna hear from you guys, Was this helpful?
Thanx for reading everybody! 


Zombie said...

I would probably want to eat it...

Erica J said...

You would eat anything considering you are a zombie!! thanx for stopping by!

Princess Paradise said...

ive been dying to try this but i cant find it in my area :(

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