Sunday, March 6, 2011

Feb. Favs!

Hey Lay-days! This is obviously so late but whatever, they were still my favorites for February so I hope you like!!

Revlon Colorstay- This Product i have been hearing so much about, and i really wanted to get the FEMU HD but since it is absolutely expensive, I decided to go for the cheaper choice....Well like a had a choice to begin with! So I mean this is a nice foundation. I use a Foundation brush to apply, instead of my fingers, and I would love to say that it dosent matter, but honestly if you do have to invest in something, invest in good brushes. I mean I get all my brushes from Mark. or Avon. They have all the basic brushes, for example they dont have a crease brush, they just have an "eye shadow" brush. It works just as fine, as the month goes on I would like to do some FOTD or LOTD so you will see how it all looks. For now, here's like a little taste. Oh BTW is does not have a pump so don't I try to put a little bit on my brush and work with it! Oh yeah and I got the combination/oily skin one but they do have one for people w/ dry/combination skin too!

AVON Superfull Mascara- Can I just say, my Lashes are really long! That is not what I look for in a mascara, I look for volume! I order a new mascara every campaign from avon, just because I like to replace my old one, and I bought the smooth minerals mascara this campaign, and I keep on going back to my SuperFull Mascara! It is to eee-longate my lashes but i think it also increases my volume-osity. Below is pic of the brush (duh) So I mean the brush is clearly to elongate, but dont let it fool you! Great for volume if yah ask me!

Bronzer Brush- Going back to investing in a brush, do it! when I say invest, I dont mean spending $50 on a brush. I obviously can't tell people what to do, but if you do want my opinion all you need is $8. I got mine from Mark. They also have great brushes at Rite-Aid for a good price. Make sure you clean your brushes every week (depending on how often you use them) Everybody that reads my blog probably already knows all this, but in case yah don't I thought you should!

Usher For Women- I got this for Christmas, I just love it here's the description: 
"It has top notes of red currant, pink freesia and apple blossom; a heart of frangipani, apricot nectar, blooming jasmine and passion rose, and a drydown of amber wood, sensual musk, cashmere wood, vanilla orchid and incense"I got that from Fragrance and can I just say OMG! this site is great! Everything is marked down like %50. They have alot of great makeup and fragrance's check it out here

What are everyone else's favs? They don't have to be beauty related! Post a link in the comment box if you did your favs too! I would love to read em! Thanx For Reading!

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