Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Trends HangBags & Accessories

Think: leather, 2 fingered rings,  cat eye sunglasses, clogs, kitten heels another trend is punk fashion. here's a great bag that reflects this particular trend with the studs! cute right?

 So now since the color of the year is a color called honeysuckle, (the exact color of the bag above) This is a perfect trend along with the 2 straps- 1 long to carry around your shoulder and 2 straps are short to carry kinda inside your bent arm, (near your elbow) I have been seeing this 2 strap deal everywhere and the chain link straps which is a nice touch, another trend is metallic which is more geared toward textiles w/metallic stitching BUT when I think of metallic I think of Shiny Pretties! Since they are both trends, this is a Perfect trendy bag!

Keeping up with the Punk Theme, studs are HUGE so here's some studded bags. This year, when it comes to studs, Go Big or Go Home with accessories!
Animal print you all know, will never fade! At least I hope not....But they are like bigger spots lately on all of the leopard print things right? either way, cute

                 2 finger rings that im dying to get my 2 finger's on! so adorable!

When It comes formal evening attire, the daylight isn't exempt to these accessories. Take out those Cocktail Rings & Sparkly Clutch's before dusk Ladies! The only recommendation to this is that your clothes are casual! But  there are no rules when it comes to fashion & design, only       recommendations!

                             A Kardashian Sister wearing a thick leather belt
Louboutin Mega

Louboutin Mini


              ^  Kitten Heels  ^     
                                                                                        ^  Kitten Heels  ^

 What accessories trend's have you been seeing and loving? Thanx for Reading!!


Ashley Borysewich said...

i love all of your picks- especially the pink handbag! too cute!

Erica J said...

thank you! I know I love that bag, I want it!

two birds said...

that handbag and those leopard shoes are amazing! great picks! i have been loving long, chunky, vintage-inspired necklaces.

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