Thursday, March 24, 2011

Target, Bath & Body Works, (and some other's) Haul! & Small Review(s)

Really quickly, I wanted to let you guys know that with every review I will be ranking products on a 5 star basis. 1 star horrible and 5 stars the best product EVER. A lot of hauls that I do usually have other blog posts in front of them, I usually have about a week or so to use product's and tell yah what I think. I know that's not the point of haul's but I just feel a little or useful this way, so here goes:

Physician's Formula Cashmere Bronzer. This review will be a bit long I do have mixed feelings about this product

                                     In the Spotlight, BubbleGum Pink, & Preppy Purple (review's will be in)

B&BW Dark Kiss- Body Butter & Body Spray buy 2 get 1 free. I cant remember how much these were. Either way 5/5. This is my favorite scent from B&BW. Do we all remember the Mood candle/lotion line a few years back from VS? This reminds me of Sweet Cravings scent which I loved! I layer these every morning. The butter is so smooth and putting them on together, the scent will linger all day.

B&BW Shea Cashmere Hand Cream $10. Smells like butter, very rich and creamy 5/5. I love this! I could eat this stuff. At $10 I am going to get the tub of it next time for around $17. I think it's a bit pricey but worth it for me. It is absolutely moisturizing & amazing. The scent alone is so warm & soft & creamy I want this whole line of products.

Creamy Hawaiian Coconut Body Scrub (buy 2 get 1 free). I love body scrubs and I usually go for the C.O. Bigelow ones, but since I really wanted the Dark Kiss, I opted out for this (because of the buy 2 get 1 for free deal) which I am really happy I tried it because not only is it a scrub, but when you scrub it on to your legs (I use my hands) It lathers very nicely. I give this 4/5 stars. 4 because I feel like they could have done better with the scent, being B&BW and all. I love coconut, and yes it smells like coconut- but I expected more from them.

B&BW Country Chic That came with a bag. Both which I got for free from buying any Signature Collection product last week (sat. 3/20). Eh I dunno. The scent is nice. Nothing special. The bag I wouldn't buy for $5 (that's how much it is). I could take or leave these. I only buy body butter because I don't feel like the regular lotions are that moisturizing so on that note, I would give it a 3. Maybe the scent will grow on me.

B&BW candles 3 for $5. I love the candles they have. The Fresh Picked Cherries smell good and actually burns with a sour candy smell to it, which I like sour candies. Strawberry Patch has a much higher throw than the other one, and is much more sweeter. It smells delicious. (I got 2 strawberry candle's btw)

Pink Pants $35, Which came with a gift card that is redeemable on April 1st. Every card is at least worth $10 although some can go up to $500!
Body Central Stuff- Necklace. $3.80

Tank Top $8
Sorry my breast's always seem to get in the way. I had nobody else to take my pic, sorry guys. My point of these pics were to show you how the fabrics lay on my body.

                                                                   Shirt $8

ELF Eyebrow Kit $5 @ Target. This is awesome. Go and get this! They come with stencils (4), Tweezers, (mine were missing!) Concealor Brush (IDK why), Brow Powder & Cream Duo, & Brow Gel. I love this. I am obsessive about my brows, 5/5 This is an absolute steal for $5. The brow gel can be $5 alone.

Yankee Candle Tarts: Early Sunrise, Vanilla Cupcake, & Pink Sands $1 each (sale)

Park Lane Ring $5

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