Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NOTD Nail Art

These are my nails of the day! My inspiration was "Cherry Blossom" Body Spray (Avon) Nice little Asian touch I think, don't you? The black branches and and the pink and white petals are all by L.A. Colors Art Deco. There's no color names- you can find them at DG! I did a great job cleaning up my makeup on the counter right? lol. dont u hate when you can really see where you messed up bad in a picture? they look so perfect on your actual nail tho right? haha

It looks like i'm holding an imaginary nail polish huh? I should have been holding the base color!

the right one is the one I used its called Luxe Lavender. to the left is called Vintage Blue. (I just didnt have a picture of Luxe Lavender only!

P.S..- like how my font color matches the nail polish? Thanx for reading!
P.P.S. - any idea's on other nail art I can try?


Ashley Borysewich said...

Cute Blog! Check out mine if you get a chance :)


Erica J said...

i love it! your blog is great! thanx for reading babe!!

Orla xx said...

love your nails, well done! xx

Erica J said...

thanx you! xoxox

for the love of beauty by lara said...

that is so cute!
love the nails!
i lurve lavender colours!
the blue looks like a nice spring shade too!

wish i had the patience & skill to do nail art hehe

Erica J said...

lara, the first couple times you do it, it can be time consuming. Now when I do it, it dosent take all that long, really!

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