Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Trends: From the Runway To Your Closet

As you know, no thought is ever original. It has already been thought of before, has been done before. This also applies to trends as well. This post obviously doesn't cover ALL of the trends, these are the ones I am seeing and loving: 

Here's some keywords: Sheer & Shimmering Fabrics, Metallics, Silk, Lace, Big Stripes, Leather "Big Statement" Belts, Draping Fabrics, Maxi Dresses, High Waisted Pants, JumpSuits

Kourtney K. in JumpSuit & Blazer

Punk Fashion: Look for Studs! Just Dont Go Over Board

Look For Draping (& Thigh High Boots) LOVE This Look!

Perfect Ex: long, flowy Maxi Dress with a low Neck Line, w/ A Thick Leather Belt (THINK- Big Stripes)

Love Those Maxi Dresses! And Like I said, were going for sheer this yeear!

Studs w/Blazer
Hot Pants, Thigh High Boots

Another 1 of my Favs! I Heart Lace!
Above is a Great Example of Metallics which are weaved thru this Beautiful, Long, Flowing, Maxi Dress!
I really love what Stephanie Pratt is wearing above. The clogs (which are also a huge trend) with a blazer and a ruffled neckline on her dress with that big statement belt! Another great example of Spring Trends 2011. Kudos, Steph.

Even something as simple as this is great for this spring. It has a slight drapage going on and has a bit of a ruffly neckline. 

I really wanna do a Post on Just Accessories but here's a quick taste: Lots of jewelry but dont think necklaces. Think cocktail rings, again that make a statement
 I Love these 2 Finger Rings! They look so cool on your finger, may look a little weird as is, but trust me this is a trend that any girl looking for "new" item's can appreciate. I hope this 2 Finger Thinger Sticks! 

So in the end, you can use any of these trends in conjunction with eachother and i hope to see you all out & about with these fab trends collaborated this spring!

P.S. - I have taken a couple of classes on fashion and the history of fashion (they are a requirement for some reason for interiors) But I am not a professional in any way! Im just a regular girly-girl with a taste for any kind of art form, especially things like this. I dont make the rules of fashion, I just obey them!!

Thanx For Reading!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

i'm all about double finger rings and high waisted pants, which is obviously a trend from the 70s.

thought you'd be interested in my 100-piece elf makeup palette, black crackle polish and Ulta cosmetics giveaway.

Erica J said...

o yes hunny! i am all for any make-up give-a-way boo! i will absolutely check it out- Dont you love those rings? they soo freakin kool! Thanx for reading too!

for the love of beauty by lara said...

great post
truuu nothing is realllly original lol

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