Monday, March 21, 2011

My Mark. Shadow's & Swatches

For The Love Of Beauty By Lara ask for swatches from Mark. since they are my favorite eye shadows. Very pigmented! so here are some:
I dont know what the smudge is on the purple shadow, I guess a camera malfunction...?
This is the Rebel Rose Palette, and they do not make the palette anymore, but they make all the colors. Pink- Luvstruck. Black- Corset. Purple- Saucy (they don't make this one, but it's duplicate  would be Piccadilly) White - Rebel

Ok guys there you have it and if your wondering about any other color by Mark. that your just not sure about before you buy it you kinda wanna swatch it, just let me know and I'll swatch it if I have it!


Vanessa said...

I love Mark Makeup! They have some really great stuff!

Erica J said...

I love their makeup too! I sell it so I always like to try EVERYTHING lol

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