Sunday, April 17, 2011

All About Icing Products

For me Icing products are definitely a hit or miss. What I got from Icing the pat few weeks:

1. Angled Brush $5
2. Icing Nail Polish in $3
3. Flaunt Beauty- My Sultry Palette $1 (on sale)

1. Angled Brush: I purchased this because I really needed one, the only one I had was from my Milani Brow Fix and it was getting beat up, it really wasn't made for long time use + I use that one to apply my gel liner as well. When I got the Icing brush home I realized that it was a larger brush when it came to the actual bristles and that is a downfall for me. Because of how large/wide it is, I really don't like to use it for gel liner, it doesn't give me an accurate, steady line. Not as precise as my Milani brush so I do use my Icing one as my brow brush and the Milani one for gel liner still.

                Left: Milani Angled Brush Right: Icing Angled Brush

2. Nail Polish in Preppy Purple- My favorite color for the season is the pastel purple so when I seen this I really wanted to try it and was so exited about it! Even tho I do have an addiction of sorts to this purple pastel, I had one from Avon (and later bought one from Sally Hanson). When I got it home, I realized it wasn't that true pastel color I was hoping it would be, it does have a shimmer to it which makes it look a little on the silver side. Wasn't what I thought I was purchasing so Icing nail polish can be deceiving! The color isnt bad. Beware: you do have to apply a few coats (3) to get the color shown!

Left to Right: Icing Preppy Purple, Avon Luxe Lavender, Sally Hansen Lacy Lilac

                     So for the most part they look the same color, Right?

     Left to Right: Icing Preppy Purple, Avon Luxe Lavender, Sally Hansen Lacy Lilac

Kind Of...I guess it was fate for me to pick up the Icing polish just because I already have 2 other pastel purples. But, I was thinking the preppy purple was going to be more of a pastel and less of a shimmer. Now, if I am ever going to buy polish from Icing I will swatch them at the store. (no your not allowed, but it is hard to define the true color from seeing it in the bottle.)

3. Flaunt Beauty- My Sultry Palette. This I am really impressed with! First of all the packaging is intriguing and adorable so that is obviously a huge plus! For a dollar you cannot beat this very highly pigmented palette. It comes with 2 shadows, 1 blush, 2 glosses. The shadows are very shimmery! well not too shimmery, they have just enough shimmer. With the exception of the blush which isn't very pigmented, but for a dollar it is a wonderful deal! Enough said, the pictures will tell all:
                           "I love the print that looks like lace, so cute!"

2 on the Left are Shadows: Blue Hypnose Brown Smolder. Middle: Blush Warm Rose. Right: Lip Glosses: Top Spicy Bottom Bewitched

Swatched with one stroke name from left to right: (Shadows) Hypnose, Smolder (Blush) Warm Rose (Glosses) Spicy, Bewitched

All and all my favorite item is the Sultry Palette! Do you have any Icing products that you love or hate? I hope everybody is enjoying their Sunday! Thanx for Reading too!


Supergirl said...

Lacy lilac shade looks gorgeous!

Erica J said...

its my favorite one of the whole purple collection!!

RinaMarie said...

Ive never bought any makeup from icing.. but I always wonder if its any good. Thanks for the review!

Im a new follower.. by the way your blog is so cute.

Follow me too?

Erica J said...

yeah it not bad at all! no prob!!

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