Saturday, April 9, 2011

March Favorites!

April First is here and gone, so that means March Fav! My first march favorite is about hair, Ive really found that jelly works well for hair gel. im serious i mean like grape jelly! your hair stays in tact, and plus your hair smells fabulous all day. After a while, your hair feels serious...Sike! Im JK!!! April (belated) Fools! You guys didnt think I was serious, did you? Is this the latest april fools joke you have ever seen? Who pranks on the 9th of april and calls it april fools?! In all seriousness (to an extent) on to my true favorites for the month. I am so late on all of this, I have been trying to revamp my blog (as you can see) And it has been alot of research and what not. still not done but it's looks ok for now, to invite a new post! So...

#1. ELF Brow Kit. For $5 it doesn't get any better than this. You get 4 different stencils (only 3 in the picture, where's my other one?), a consealor brush (for some reason), Brow Gel, and Brow powder/cream duo. Oh yeah and tweezers which i didnt realize were missing! but what sold me, were the stencils and I needed more brow gel. when i got the kit home I realized the brow color cream stuff was awesome. The dark color is cream to define and shape, & and the light color is powder to fill out your brows. I love this little kit, My eyebrows are forever on-point.

#2. Mark. Gloss in Sexy. When I seen it in the catalog a million times, I looked passed it every time. I just always get pink colors for my lips. It wasn't until somebody ordered it off of me that I got to see the true color of it. I fell in love and had to have it. It's really pretty. It's almost gone and I just got it not even 2 weeks ago! It's a bit hard to capture the color of it on camera, but I think this is the truest color I got. Although It's a bit lighter in person.

#3. LOreal Tanner Sublime Bronze- I am pretty pale, my skin is quite light. (NC15), yeah very light. I do get nervous about self tanner's. With this one, so far so good I have to say. I have been putting a layer on a day, although it acts instantaneously. It's not like the Natural Glow in the respect it isn't gradual. It comes as spray. It doesn't make me orange. Although you cant put it on your face which would be nice. My only gripe about it is that it is quite hard to get off of your hands. I had to scrub and exfoliate...hard. Right before I put it on tho, I exfoliate my skin to make sure it looks even. And another thing about it, is that it takes really long to dry. It may feel dry, but it's not. I don't suggest leaning on anything, it will come out darker in that area...if that makes any sense. If you do have any questions about it, just ask.

#4. B&BW Candle. Strawberry Patch. It smells so delicious. Sweet & Fresh. Kind of like a laffy taffy if I had to choose one thing it smells like. It has a really high throw too considering I got a small one. the 3 for $5. I can even smell it when it isn't burning. If it's sitting next to my computer, I have to look over to see if it's lit. It's divine.It was so awesome, It's all gone!I found this pic online
#5. Dark Kiss from B&BW. I got a body butter & a body spray. I liked it so much I went back and got a small body wash. The body wash smells a little bit different tho. It smells really sweet but girly. My current favorite scent. I think I love the butter the best, It soo smooth and yummy! I wanna eat it!
#6. Maybeline Super Stay Concealor. I just bought this a week ago and it is a favorite. I usually shy away from concealor in a tube with a doe foot just because the one's I have bought in the past, the formula is just really watery. My BFFF purchased this and I tried it and I really loved it. She is a shade darker than me but I still loved it. The shades they do have are good for any skin color. I do have a hard time finding the right match for my skin, and this was good for me. I got the cream color. I really wanted to try the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage but on my color is always sold out! I couldn't wait any longer so I bought this and I love it! It is not watery at all, it is wonderful!

So there's my March Favorites. If you did a favorites post, they are my favorite to read so feel free to post a link in the comments so I can check yours out!!

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