Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Body Spray Collection!

I have soo many!!
Listed from Left to Right

VS: Sexy Little Things- My Favorite one! You can purchase this at Victoria's Secret as a perfume as well, the body spray is $10. It smells delicious, reminds me of Paris Hilton a bit if anybody is familiar

B&BW: Dark Kiss- If you have been reading for a while you will know this is one of my favorites! It smells sweet almost like pink sugar and kool aid in a way but if anybody remembers Sweet Cravings (By Victoria Secret) they had a candle and some lotion it was a line of things like that a few years ago...it is exactly that is what im thinking since B&BW & VS are owned by the same company

Pink: Sweet & Flirty- This one is pretty much just Sweet Pea from B&BW although it has another note to it...like a little bit more of a perfumey smell to it, a little more of a mature note in there some where to me.

Pink: Pretty & Pure- I really like this one alot it does smell really clean and fresh. Calgon Morning Glory is a good dupe for this one if a had to chose one...although I like Calgon better...why do I have this one then? Reguardless, It does have a sweeter note to it- great scent. I favor this over Sweet & Flirty

Avon Naturals: Cherry Blossom- Yummy. It does in a way smell like a cherry and also a blossom, so the name is perfect. It has a warmer vanilla like smell to it compared to the Violet & Lychee

Avon Naturals: Violet & Lychee- I wanted to say that this and Cherry Blossom are my favorite Avon scents, this one is my top favorite Avon Scent. I hate to compare to Calgon's Morning Glory again but it reminds me of it. But this one doesn't have a sweeter note (like the Pretty & Pure) it has more of a floral note, hence the Violet.

Avon: Blushing Temptations(Daring Citrus)- Even tho I really don't like citrus scents, this was my favorite out of the Blushing Temptations Bunch, I honestly cant smell any citrus. Other notes include magnolia and musk.

Avon: Blushing Temptations(Pretty Petals)- I think this is Cherry Blossom in another bottle lol. But to be true, it has notes of Jasmine, Grapefruit, and Warm Amber.

Avon: Blushing Temptations(Sparkling Plum Blossom)- Notes in this one are Raspberry, Plum Blossom (duh) and White Woods. To me, it smells like Kool-Aid.

Degree: Sweet Romance- Not Shown! I forgot about it! How could I? also really LOVE this one too! (I say that about all of em, but I love em all). You can also get the Sweet Romance deodorant, I love pairing them, it smells clean and girly.

I have def. learned one thing about myself...I have too many body sprays that smell alot alike...I am not buying anymore forever...
This is a TAG! Everybody who comes across this, Try it out and then link in the comments! I love body sprays!! They are my weakness (obviously), I wanna know everyone's best and worse (if there are any) - Thanx For Readin!


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Erica J said...

I love your blog!! you are so beautiful, cannot wait to see whats to come with it! thanx for stopping by too!

for the love of beauty by lara said...

thanks for sharing :)

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