Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I Got: Lush: First Look

hey everybody! I ordered some stuff online from Lush and here is what I got

 (Left to Right Top:) Rock Star Soap, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, Mrs. Whippy Bath Ball,
    (Bottom:) Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, & Ice Blue Soap (Both samples)

I have hearing about Lush all over this world wide internet and I have really been dying to try it. So I decided to just order off-line since we don't have a Lush in my neck of the woods. Alot of the stuff I got, I researched on YouTube, and Blogs, and of course the Lush website because I obviously couldn't smell anything & I have found out alot of the things I have been hearing about the different scents, I smell something totally different:

1. Rock Star Soap. I love the color of it. It's like a light pink. It is intriguing because the way it is cut it looks all rustic and looks like you can eat it, that goes with everything I purchased tho. It says bubblegum on the site, and everywhere else I researched it I found that alot of people think it really dosent smell like bubblegum. I can smell the bubblegum in it. It smells like sweet tarts or candy or something like that.

2. The Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. it is the same scent as the Rock Star soap. Looking back I should have gotten another scent just to try out different scents, but I didn't! I think because this one looked so cute and again like candy! Looks like candy, smells like candy.

3. My Whippy Bath Bomb: The white "whippy" stuff is like dust. Everytime I took it out of the bag a little would fall off of the bomb. But when it is inside the plastic bag it ships in, It smells like strawberries very much. Once I open the bag or take it out and smell it (be careful if yah take it out tho, it's messy) I think there is some kind of cinnamon smell to it. It smells a little spicy to me, which is weird it wasn't what I was expecting.

4. Honey I Washed The Kids: This was a sample and one I really wanted to purchase because it seems like something I would really like. As you can see in the picture, It doesn't look like it does online. It dosent have the honeycomb thing on the top of it. This was just a sample but I kinda feel like if they wanted me to sample, they should have put a little bit of the top in the bag at least b/c (maybe) I think it does something with the scent. My first thought when I smelled it was margarita. I am not a fan of them (Jose and I do not get along AT ALL) but I did like the way it smelled. It has a citrus note in it as well. To me it dosen't smell like honey. My BFFF (her name is Alex) and my BF (Philly) smelled it and mentioned the citrus although my mom can smell the honey. Everybody has different "taste buds" in their nose meaning not everything smells the same to everyone and I think this soap is a great example of that. Over all I actually really love this for some reason, I cant really put my finger on that other note, and me not being a fan of tequila or citrus I don't no what it is about this, it is mysterious and mesmerizing and I really do like it.

5. Ice Blue Soap: It smells like a piece of winterfresh gum. I love winterfresh so I do really like this scent. I guess I never thought of winterfresh as a soap. I think when I do try this it is going to be cool to the touch.

I really am happy I ordered from Lush, although I wish I could have went to the store and picked stuff out, just because I could have picked stuff out with my nose as opposed to my eyes! Lush is definitely one of  a kind, I cant wait to try it all out!


Miss A said...

Oooh I love love love Lush's soaps and bubble bars. Addicted!


Erica J said...

yeah I really like the soap, although i am not impressed with the bubble bar! any recommendations for me miss a? *I will be reviewing them as well if you haven't tried any of these yet!!

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