Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Many Uses Of Coffee Grounds!

Hey ladies! I have been trying to put up my favorites for a couple days now, but as soon as I took the last picture my camera died!! So gimme at least 48 hours and I will have it up, but I thought this was really cool and I am a huge fan of coffee so I hope guys like!

-Brew a fresh pot of coffee. Make sure to have a cup!
-3 tbsp of coffee grounds and make sure it's caffeinated!
(Use grounds within 20 minutes of brewing before oxidation occurs.)
-1 tsp salt in a small bowl.
-1 tsp of oilve oil
-Scrub mixture over entire body while in the shower.

-you can even mix it up and add more ingredient that you know are good for skin, be creative! I'm not a professional here, I am just really creative (or so I like to think)

It's best in the morning, considering it's caffeinated. Since it works as an exfoliator it will remove all of the dead skin cells, which results in better looking skin!

Extra Tip: Use it in your hair (be sure to rinse out of course) and your hair will become very shiny and soft. If you dye your hair often, mix a bit of coffee in your shampoo. It acts as a color enhancer.

Another Extra Tip: Coffee Grounds is even good for cellulite! or should I say isnt not good for it!
Ever notice the ingredients in cellulite treatments? the main one is always caffeine! Mix a small amount of used grounds with your moisturizer – something like a teaspoon to an entire bottle. The coffee grounds will stick to your skin until the lotion dries, which is what is supposed to happen! So don't rub off!

-Until I researched this, I had no idea about these versatile grounds. You can even replace coffee for espresso for an even better effect!


Zombie said...

Thats actually a pretty cool idea and it keeps that coffee scent on you all day! :D

Erica J said...

try it out zombie and tell me what you think!

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